Martina Hamilton has a BA degree with a major in studio art from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. After college she studied painting for a year at the Academia di Belli Arte in Florence, Italy. She studied etching for 5 years at the Art Studentís League in New York.

In 1973 Hamilton opened a business of print selling for major publishing houses in the United States selling to collectors, museums and other dealers. These prints, by blue chip artists such as Jasper Johns, Stella, Rauschenberg and others, put her in touch with the younger talent in New York in the late 70ís and 80ís. In 1982 she opened a public gallery on East 71st and Madison Avenue.

The paintings by Odd Nerdrum in the National Gallery in Oslo came to her attention that year. Throughout the next 15 years Hamilton promoted and worked with Odd Nerdrum in order to have his work become known internationally.

Over the years she mounted 7 shows for Nerdrum at her gallery. She also arranged 16 one-man museum exhibitions and 11 gallery exhibitions for Nerdrum at outside locations such as the Ingrid Raab Gallery, Berlin; the Gerald Piltzer Gallery, Paris; and the Edward Thorp Gallery and Forum Gallery in New York.

Desiring a less hectic lifestyle, Martina Hamilton closed her gallery in 1991 and focused her attention exclusively on Nerdrum. Hamiltonís objective has always been knowledge and awareness of the work of Odd Nerdrum. However, this objective has now been accomplished. After years spent providing public access and education about the genius behind the extraordinary talent of Odd Nerdrum, the business is now conducted in a more private manner. Hamilton does not sell or provide books, catalogs, slides or information to the general public. The work is not presented for viewing unless by appointment for the purpose of purchase.

For further information about Nerdrum, contact Border's Books or Barnes and Noble. The hard cover book Odd Nerdrum with an essay by Donald Kuspit, published by Aschenhoug, has many excellent reproductions.

Paintings by Odd Nerdrum range in price from $40,000 to $300,000, charcoal drawings are priced from $25,000 to $75,000, and prints are $7,000 and up.

Martina Hamilton maintains private offices in New York City, Florida and Old Lyme, Connecticut.

If you have serious interest in adding an Odd Nerdrum painting to your collection, please call Martina Hamilton at 860-434-6896 or e-mail us at